How the project works

ATTN: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Day of Mourning will be in an online format again in 2023. Print packages will not be distributed. Simply watch one of our video tutorials and/or download materials to get started.

April 28, 2023 falls on a Friday; schools will be honouring the National Day of Mourning in the week before (April 21-28), culminating with the Day of Mourning.


Friday, April 21Day 1 PA announcement by student
Monday, April 24Day 2 PA announcement by student
Tuesday, April 25Day 3 PA announcement by student
Wednesday, April 26Day 4 PA announcement by student
Thursday, April 27Day 5 PA announcement by student
Friday, April 28Day of Mourning PA Address by Principal
plus other activities planned by your school


There are three levels of suggested involvement for any school commemorating the Day of Mourning. Teachers can adjust this list if they are participating at the classroom level. Find the best fit for you and your school.

Level 1:

Maybe this the first time your school has participated. Is your school’s schedule for that week already pretty full? Do you desire a softer, less time intensive intro to the project? This level may be the best fit for your school this year if any of these apply. We recommend only following steps 1,2, 3 and 7 from the “7 Step Suggested Procedure” listed below and use the new “Abbreviated Announcement Scripts”.

Level 2:

Have you done the Day of Mourning in your school before? Do you have a group of student volunteers you can rely on to help? If the answer is yes, level 2 involvement may be the best fit for your school, and we recommend that you follow all the “7 Step Suggested Procedure” listed below.

Level 3:

Are you and other staff in your school really invested in making the Day of Mourning commemoration as meaningful and interactive as possible? Have you scheduled this event in your school calendar? Then we recommend you follow all the “7 Step Suggested Procedure” and one or more of the “Other Suggested Activities.” You may even have your own activity you wish to use during the Day of Mourning.


  1. Enlist the help of student volunteers. Suggested groups you can target are student clubs, student council or leadership classes. (Levels 1-3)
  2. Have student volunteers put up posters around the school. (Levels 1-3)
  3. In the five school days prior to April 28th, have a student volunteer make a daily announcement reading from the script provided during the morning PA announcements, to inform and raise awareness of the Day of Mourning. (Levels 1-3)
  4. Have volunteers prior to April 28 create a Young Worker Safety Information Display, containing visuals and statistics about youth worker safety in BC. (Levels 2-3)
  5. On April 28, in the morning before classes, have volunteers set up display in main school entry point (an entry way or main foyer). Student volunteers can answer any questions about the significance of the DOM as students enter the school. (Levels 2-3)
  6. Info Sheets and orange ribbon sticker decals will be distributed to 1st Block teachers before class. Teachers will then spend the first 10 minutes of the first class, handing out stickers, explaining the Day of Mourning, explaining the proper behaviour for the moment of silence, and will read aloud and discuss info sheet provided.
  7. During morning PA announcements, the Principal will lead a school wide moment of silence, reading from the provided script. (Levels 1-3)


  • Student-led workshops on worker safety and the Day of Mourning
  • Essay, short fiction or poetry contest on the topic of “Tragedy at Work”
  • Video Contest: “Create a public service announcement promoting work place safety for young people.”
  • Invite BC Fed “Alive After 5” speakers to your classroom.
  • Invite speakers who have suffered a work place injury or lost a loved one to speak in class or a school assembly.
  • Use the Labour History Project Resources at to assist in teaching the history of labour rights in the Social Studies classroom.
  • A field trip to one of many annual Day of Mourning memorials in your local community. For a comprehensive list of ceremonies happening across BC on April 28, check:

*NOTE* There is no registration required to participate in 2022. Print packages will not be shipped. Simply download materials to get started!
When you register your school or classroom to participate in the Day of Mourning BC Schools Project you have the option to:

OPTION A. Receive a full package of materials by mail.  The deadline to request a print package has passed. Please download materials here.

Please register! This helps us evaluate the project and receive your feedback for future years.

  • Project Description
  • Info Card for Teachers ENGLISH or FRENCH
  • 2020 Fact Sheet ENGLISH or FRENCH
  • Postcard for Students ENGLISH or FRENCH
  • PA Announcement Scripts for Students ENGLISH or FRENCH
  • Principals Script ENGLISH or FRENCH
  • Young Worker Safety Lesson ENGLISH or FRENCH
  • Getting a Job Booklet ENGLISH or FRENCH
  • Getting a Job Quiz and Answers ENGLISH or FRENCH
  • Find the Hazards Handouts: 4 scenarios
  • Poster 11” x 17” ENGLISH or FRENCH
  • How to Refuse Unsafe Work Lesson
  • Group Role Play Scenarios
  • Day of Mourning decals (by mail only)
  • Wallet Cards (by mail only)
  • Alive After 5 booklets (by mail only)

These items are available for download only:

  • Matthew Bowcott Story Video
  • Matthew Bowcott Video Questions
  • Ron Stickman Young Worker Video
  • Ron Stickman Video Facilitator’s Guide
  • Hey Kids! WorkSafe BC Booklet for Elementary Students

OPTION 2. Download all items and print/copy for yourself.