ATTN: Due to the closure of BC schools in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Day of Mourning Project will be taking a different format in 2020. Print packages will not be distributed. Some materials have been updated to better support online/independent learning.

Download materials to use in online learning

These materials have either been adapted or already lend themselves well to online/independent study. Educators may also find creative ways to use the other Day of Mourning materials listed on this page.

Can also be viewed on Youtube.

Fact Sheets, Activities & Printable Booklets

Video, Powerpoints & Lesson Plans

The Matthew Bowcott Story, follow link to Youtube video.

NOTE: This video contains descriptions of a workplace accident which may be distressing to some students. We recommend educators screen the video personally to determine whether it is appropriate for your class.

Additional online resources :

This video and accompanying Facilitators Guide was produced by the Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia.

The BC Labour Heritage Centre has a series of videos produced with WorkSafe BC on the History of Health and Safety in BC, available online.
Download “Work is Hazardous to Your Health” A synopsis of the first 7 videos in this series and suggested activity guide to accompany the video materials.
4 additional videos have been added to the collection in recent years:
– The History of Health & Safety in BC’s Commercial Fishing Industry
– The History of Health & Safety in BC’s Shoreworker Industry
– The History of Health & Safety in BC’s Farmworker Industry
– A Tribute to Three BC Farmworkers

Artwork/Materials for Print Packages

For students:

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